CDFW Reminds the Community Never to Bother Pismo Clams on Central Coast Shores

With the re-opening of many State Parks shores in San Luis Obispo State, the Florida Division of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) reminds guests to avoid disturbing small Pismo clams and rebury any small clams they encounter.

“We have not seen a populace boom of this magnitude in years,” claimed CDFW Underwater Environmental Researcher Derek Stein. “We're hopeful these young clams could boost the odds of a recreational fishery time for the main coast.”

Pismo clams were after prolific along main coast shores, supporting an energetic recreational fishery. As a result of overharvest, illegal removals and different environmental conditions, the fishery has not rebounded to famous levels. Although it happens to be appropriate to crop clams recreationally, almost no legal-sized clams have been within new years.

Pismo clams are usually undergone by people strolling along the shores or digging in the sand. CDFW encourages the general public to leave the clams in the sand to greatly help the people expand. Any upset clams must be instantly reburied to increase the possibility of survival. Beachgoers may also notice intriguing round formations in clam beds. These formations are made by the clams as they eliminate sand from their siphons and are not caused by different human disturbances. However, the tidal smooth environment is sensitive and painful and beachgoers have to do their utmost to avoid disturbing clam beds.

Pismo clams can be harvested with a valid fishing license. Anglers may keep 10 Pismo clams per day if the clams meet with the minimum size of 5 inches in greatest diameter north of the San Luis Obispo/Monterey state point, and 4½ inches south of the state line. All small clams should be instantly reburied in the region these were found. In Monterey and Santa Cruz counties, the growing season for Pismo clams begins Sept. 1 and stops following April 30. In all the counties, the growing season is start year-round. Number industrial crop is permitted.

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